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Tested In Canada will allow you to keep your costs low, while increasing the quality of your products, resulting in a more cost effective way of branding and re-positioning.

Our services will provide our customers:

  • An increase in competitive advantage over other branded products
  • Increase in mark-up
  • Growth of market share
  • Brand name protection, including preventing brand erosion

The business model is very simple. With our product test services, the markup of branded products is higher!

Branding/Repositioning Models

Our Tested In Canada logo will increase the credibility and implied quality of any product bearing it. We can provide an exclusive service to one brand or customer from each category, enabling this customer to have advantages over others.

We will:

  • Build credibility for a new product
  • Ensure smooth branding of a product
  • Restore credibility of an existing product

Tested In Canada Inc. product test services can ensure quality with lower costs.
We do it by unique tests for branded products, which include:

  • First Off’s tests
  • First batch tests
  • Ongoing tests


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