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Onsite Testing

Tested In Canada can perform product tests at your site, using one of three models:

Model A:
Tested In Canada performs the tests at your site. We will bring our tools and personnel to your facility and perform the tests there. This solution can save the shipping costs of the tested products.

Model B:
Tested In Canada monitors the tests at your site. We will establish the needed facility and create the procedures, as well as train your personnel. Once the tests are done according to our specs we will approve your test facility. Then we will keep monitoring it, and you will be allowed to use our logo on the tested products.

Model C:
Product testing for a store or chain of stores. This service could be a one-time event or a continuous one. The service could also be a preliminary stage while implementing a test procedure in a more centralized distribution point.

For example, a client has suspect products on the shelves .Tested In Canada will ensure the quality of all the products already on the shelves by auditing the stores. In Parallel a testing process is implemented by us in the central distribution point.

Some store product test services are:

  • Sampling and testing a whole store
  • Testing specific products and packages
  • Creating different test sampling and depth for different products

Tested In Canada will create a final report regarding the tests. In cases of dangerous situations, such as toxicity and safety, an immediate warning would be flagged to the customer with suggestion / action items.

Product Assurance Reporting Model

For each model, Tested In Canada will estimate:

  • The cost of various test approaches
  • The Cost of Poor Quality
  • Risk versus depth and quantity of tests

By the end of this process a detailed report will be produced. This report will include suggestions for action plans and their R.O.I.

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