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Our Company

Our Vision

Do things right – the first time!

Tested In Canada was established out of a passion for doing things right the first time. This passion, which is reflected in everything we do, is the driving force for our product test services. We take pride in making sure that the products we test will be safe to use and meet or exceed their specs.

Our team

Tested In Canada has a team of test engineers and technicians. They specialize in various fields such as: Electronics, Mechanics, Chemistry, Computers and IT, Electrical / Mechanical tooling and Test software.

Our team can test products in an efficient way, which is faster and more economic than traditional product testing. The key elements are creating a unique test procedure for each product, and carring the test in a way that includes feedback. Our team will report any concern regarding the product under test or the test procedure to the shift manager, who has the ability to change the procedures or alert the client. The close relationship with our customers enables us to react fast, and make decisions while the batch is being tested.

About the owner

Mr. Gal Messinger is the founder and owner of Tested In Canada Inc. “Doing things right – The first time” is his passion, and it was applied to any project he was involved in, which met or exceeded its spec on the first run. Now, he is trying to help others to do the same, using his knowledge and experience to guide our engineers and technicians, and to create unique test processes.

Experience of 20 years in engineering, industry and business in the following fields:

  • Testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Military-Aerospace
  • Silicon testing machine vision


  • Master Degree – Science of Management (Scientific MBA)
  • Bachelor of Science – Electrical Engineering

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